Reset Your Mindset, Find Self-Love and Live a Happier Life

You don’t have to feel frustrated.

You don’t have to continue living in this sense of struggle. I completely understand how you are feeling, because I was there too.

You want to stop feeling this way and start living your life with a greater sense of purpose and confidence – you just have no idea how to make this happen and you’re frustrated with trying to figure it out on your own.

I’m here to coach you.

Hi, my name is Marlene and I mentor women who are looking for soulful guidance, to clear and heal what’s blocking them so they can finally love themselves, live fearlessly, and chase their dreams.

My purpose is to help you overcome those wounds and limiting beliefs you have that are suffocating you. My goal is to help you build your confidence and love yourself enough to go after what you desire most.

In my mindset coaching program, I guide and support you on the path to creating the life you dream of, the goals you want to achieve, the spiritual connection you’ve been missing, and help you move out of the addiction to stress and negativity – and into living the truest expression of who you truly are. (Which often gets a little lost over the years!)

It’s my mission to provide soulful guidance, to clear and heal the emotional wounds you carry from childhood or from the end of a toxic relationship you’ve been in — and to show you how to face fear and life’s challenges with grace and love – get healthier – and your GLOW ON.

I help women to release the past and stop fearing the future…

This freedom from fear and self-sabotage creates a life where you don’t just exist… but you soar and thrive.

My story

I was afraid of so many things, rational and irrational. Most of all, afraid of being me, scared of the judgment from others, afraid to let anyone down, afraid of standing up for myself and what I wanted, afraid to speak up…. And on top of fear, paralyzing anxiety was my automatic response to every challenging situation.

It wasn’t until several years ago, that I realized how much fear, along with shame, guilt, self-doubt, and unworthiness, were holding me back. I was letting everyone else make choices for me because I was too afraid to make them for myself.

I knew things had to change if I was going to take advantage of the rest of my life.

I went on a life-changing path of personal growth and self-discovery.

I read piles of self-help books, I took courses in mindfulness and meditation, I filled stacks of notebooks with journaling and what I learned about myself and the universe, I practiced affirmations and manifestation, I prayed, I started to slowly get my physical health in order, I started working with a spiritual mentor, I uncovered and rediscovered so much about my past and the way I was allowing it to constrict how much I enjoyed my life.

On this path, I was drawn to deep personal growth and powerful transformation. It was a turning point that allowed me to accept, expand, and share what I’ve learned and how I’ve overcome huge challenges. Through certifications, books, and coaching – I now share my practices and system for health and confidence.

The mindset work and my deepened connection to spirituality and to God has evolved into the confidence and fearlessness that I now enjoy and mentor other women to embrace. 

It’s with that heart-centered peace and soul-driven courage that you truly learn to love yourself – and from that place, all goals and dreams can become reality. It’s never too late.

Fear still shows up occasionally, but now I can appreciate what it’s telling me and show my fear what my boundaries are.

Worry, anxiety, moods, and challenges don’t stop me like they used to. So much of finding joy in everyday life is about perspective and being able to nurture ourselves away from fear and into more constructive emotions.

Doing this on a regular basis is how we have the strength to do amazing things.


Whether you’re coping with coworkers that trigger your stress reaction – or you’re coping with the end of a toxic relationship – you can regain control of your life, get healthy again, feel loved and safe again, and live well!

Accepting, allowing, clearing, and healing our emotional blocks and wounds. This is a powerful piece of the path to self-love. And from there… ANYTHING is possible.

I knew there had to be more for me.

Before this transformative journey, I felt completely lost. I was not living my truth. I was not living my purpose and I knew it.

It’s not easy to figure out how to do better, feel better and get unstuck on your own. I know because I went through it. And I kept telling myself I should just be grateful… that dreaming of more was greedy. Why shouldn’t I just accept the way I felt and give up wanting more for myself.

But a little voice kept telling me to dream bigger, play bigger, speak my truth, and chase my dreams. That quiet part of me kept getting louder and louder and was saying that there had to be more than settling. That little voice and quiet part of me led to launch into the most life-changing and profound shifts.

I recognized that feeling the way I wanted to and living a life I loved was a choice.

When I finally invested in myself was when everything started changing.

I realized through all that I had learned in these last several years that I had control and choices. In fact, the most important choice – how I felt – I had been leaving up to external influences. I no longer do that. Now I fully recognize that how I feel each day is up to me.
And let’s face it, bad stuff still happens. We can’t avoid it.

It’s how we learn to cope and still thrive through it all that is where the magic lies. I went through caregiving for my mother as she declined with dementia and her eventual passing with so much love, grace, and strength.

I moved through the many emotions of that loss while supporting a family member through open heart surgery, literally the same week as my youngest left for college, on his own, to travel 1800 miles away from me – taking what was supposed to be a very special mom & son road trip without me.

More recently, I’ve been going through the end of a toxic relationship and the betrayal and pain that comes with it. I’ve had my world turned upside down overnight. It would have crushed me to my core if it had happened a decade ago.

I couldn’t have ever kept it together through these challenges the way I have without knowing how to care for my energy – to connect to faith – to understand how to nurture my soul. It’s all connected – the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

I am now a healthy, fit, grounded, compassionate, positive, manifesting goal-getter. I can more fully enjoy what I love in life. I appreciate myself more; I am doing more of what I adore; my purpose-driven, soul-centered coaching business helping other women do the same has grown; and today, I’m thriving more than ever!

My life is now soul-driven, I’m stepping into who I truly am with confidence, grace, and self-love – all despite the wicked challenges life brings. And I have helped my clients do the same – overcome their challenges – and thrive.

I am living so much more fearlessly than ever before and actually thriving as I chase my dreams every day.

I love what I do, and I feel so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned to create powerful transformations for women.
I am positive that you deserve to feel this same kind of excitement about your life.

With my structured weekly guidance, mentored mindset practices, and your dedication to doing the inner work, it’s totally possible for you to start feeling this way too.

You absolutely can shift the way you feel and step into a life that feels aligned and authentic, and allows you the fearless confidence, self-love, and motivation to go after what you desire most!

Let’s get your natural, healthy, kick-butt glow on!

It’s your turn to shine. It’s your time to thrive.

Professional Bio

Marlene Caraballo is a reiki master and intuitive mindset coach helping women who are looking for soulful guidance to clear and heal what’s blocking them so they can finally love themselves, live fearlessly, and chase their dreams.

Through her coaching programs, Marlene helps clients understand how their energy is impacting their life, how important it is to release and process the past and break self-sabotaging patterns. She teaches, supports, and guides clients through powerful & practical mindset practices so her clients can start to thrive.

Marlene has been writing published articles, blogging, and coaching women for the last few years in her signature program, Your Time to Thrive.

Marlene lives in Orange County, NY, but regularly travels the country to visit her grown children.

And a bit more…

Born and raised in NJ, I now live in rural Orange County, NY.

Mom to three grown sons I adore who are spread all over the country.

I am delighted and fascinated with all things “woo” since childhood. I was the kid with the astrology book!

I love animals to the point of obsession and wanted to be either a veterinarian or a zookeeper when I was little!

I’m super introverted, but I can climb out of my shell when I need to
Have traveled to about half of the U.S. states and six countries so far, planning for more.

I’m a total bookworm, one of my fave treats to myself.

I am fluent in Italian, although a little rusty, and a bit of Spanish, I can get by.

I’m a full-on nature girl, although I wasn’t for most of my life. I love the ocean and warm weather, but appreciate the beauty of all terrains & climates.

It took a loooooong time for me to step into my soul purpose and learn how to use my intuitive and mediumship abilities to help others heal,  but I’m all-in now and making up for lost time. I continue to expand my own personal growth and spiritual journey each day, deepening my gifts and my connection to Spirit, and I am fully committed to sharing all of that with you to help you thrive as well!

~ Marlene