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Marlene Caraballo

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Your Time to Thrive

A 90-day private online coaching program designed for women ready to fight for themselves and their well-being – ready to heal & make a glorious comeback from what’s been keeping them held down. This program offers transformative & soulful guidance to heal your blocks, fall deeply in love with yourself and live fearlessly

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You’re Here Because…

You followed your heart and you know it’s time to create change in how you’re feeling and living.

You’re tired of feeling powerless, stuck, and exhausted. And you’re even more sick of struggling with worry, fear, and anxiety.

You want to process and let go of the heavy parts of your past that are blocking you from the life you desire.

You want to feel directed from your intuition, from a place that intuitively feels good.

You want to feel a deeper level of faith and feel connected to something bigger than you.

You crave a deeper understanding of how to move forward, creating a life based on what you value – not being subservient to others.

You desire an authentic life where you can stop being & doing all the things you (or others) think you should, and finally love who you really are.

You want to feel optimistic and motivated to make shifts in your life but you’re afraid of failing (again) and can’t seem to stick with it.

You desperately want to get healthier, fitter, stronger, more confident and feel energized when you get up in the morning.

You want your skin to glow with vitality and for people to wonder what you’re doing differently because you look so content and in control.

Let Me Guess

You’ve tried to ignore it, but there’s a growing ache inside of you that there’s more to life than what you’re living.

You realize that negativity is draining your energy and you don’t want to continue that way.

You’ve tried and tried to make changes, build better habits, live healthier, exercise and eat well, but nothing sticks and you always end up feeling defeated and disappointed.

You know you have emotional trauma and baggage that is affecting your outlook on life, but you don’t know how to stop letting it drag you down.

You are having trouble letting go and recovering and healing from the end of a toxic relationship – or maybe in the middle of witnessing it fall apart.

You want to live a purpose-filled, true-to-you, inspired life.

You feel a sense of faith and perhaps are active in a chosen religion, but you want more and you feel you’re being called to learn and explore more about spiritual awakening but have been afraid.

You’re frustrated with the state of your health, relationships, and/or finances.

You want to heal, connect, feel energized, excited, and positive about your life.

You’re ready to TAKE ACTION, to make a shift, you’re ready to start thriving.

How Would You Feel if…

I told you that it IS possible for you to let go of constant worrying, release emotional baggage, overcome anxieties and to feel happy to be YOU?

It’s not as hard as you think it is, but you need the right support, strategies, tools, and practices that work for you.

You can have the healing and release that will allow you to move forward with the grace and confidence you’ve been waiting for.

It’s totally possible for you to get out the emotional pain, stop feeling hopeless and blocked from enjoying happiness and abundance.

Your connection to your Soul and God was solid and real and you had access to a limitless source for you to call on for strength.

Whatever your dreams look like – whether you want to find a soulmate, improve your health, gain wealth, increase your creativity, be a better parent, recover from the end of a relationship, childhood trauma, or simply want to feel more peace and contentment – improving any and all aspects of your life starts with your willingness to be supported and take action.

I went through it and I know you can too. 

You can rebuild your health, get fitter than ever, learn to handle adversity and stress, show up for yourself and GLOW.

Learning the the mindset practices that help you cope with emotions and stress, and nurturing your soul – are the foundation for you to start thriving.

How To Get There

In my program, Your Time to Thrive, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you exactly how.

I’ve been there and I know what’s possible.

I’ve gone through debilitating anxiety and fear, caregiving and grief, the empty nest, financial struggles, low self worth, and the end of my 34 year marriage.

I went from feeling completely stuck and lost – to living a spiritually-connected and purpose-filled life full of confidence, optimism, and magic.

I am a successful entrepreneur running multiple businesses. I am most passionate about coaching and inspiring women to thrive despite life-altering transitions.

I also write published articles, I blog regularly to provide community and support, and inspiration for women. I travel alone, frequently, and feel confident and free. I exercise regularly and am fitter than I’ve ever been. I live as “clean” as I can – avoid toxins, eat well, meditate, pray, journal, and am present for my family and friends. I also love to have fun and have a wicked sense of humor!

I am THRIVING. And I want to show you exactly how to get there too.

I know it can be hard to get there on your own. I am here to help you.

It’s so much faster and easier when you have a coach and the right strategies that will work for you.

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What clients say

This 3 month mindset coaching program is for you if…

You’re ready to make a change and take action by first getting support through investing in yourself.

You’re ready to be guided and mentored beyond your fears to feel a deep sense of peace and confidence.

You need strategies and a proven path to ditch the old negativity patterns you’ve been following and create new thrive habits and thought patterns  that help you feel confident and courageous and motivated to take better care of yourself.

You’re tired of feeling lost, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed and you’re eager to feel more relaxed, balanced, and optimistic.

You’re sick of spending your energy worrying about everything – wanting to let go of continually reliving the past and torturing yourself with fears about the future.

You want to regain control over your moods and emotions so that you can use them to fuel growth, healing, and empowerment rather than overwhelm, exhaustion, and sadness.

The idea of consistently living an inspired, creative, and joyful life; a life where you can stop reliving the past and feeling like a victim; a life where you accept and love yourself more than you ever have before – excites you.

Feel ready to receive guidance that is for your highest good and for your healing, and personal growth feels like something you’ve been missing.

You deeply desire living with less fear and more confidence in an authentic, connected, soul-aligned way.

If you are ready to…

Invest in your health – and begin to nurture your soul through a proven method to clear and reset your energy.

Heal and let go of what happened in the past and reset your fears about the future.

Embrace simple practices that will help you feel excited about your life and start dreaming again – full of optimism, hope, and a strong feeling of being guided and supported by your God-given inner wisdom.

Shed the old beliefs you have about yourself that are blocking you from taking action toward improving your health, your relationships, your circumstances, your dreams and goals.

Be led through a private, personalized, transformative journey full of soulful guidance combined with practical strategies.

Open your mind to creating newness in your life – to accepting that there is more to your existence than what meets the eye.

Let go of self-doubt and start believing in yourself and what is possible for you.

Be reminded of what you truly value and hold dear – and be supported on a path that takes you back to those values.

Go to sleep each night relaxed and content and wake up each day grateful and energized.

Ready to Unleash Your Unstoppable Self? Join Me for a Transformation Like No Other!

🔥 In my one-on-one mindset mastery program, we obliterate energy blocks and forge a rock-solid foundation of confidence, fearlessness, and the relentless pursuit of your deepest desires!

🌟 You’ll unlock the secrets to total presence and mindful living, supercharge your mood, and armor your energy against negativity. Fear and anxiety? They won’t stand a chance! We’re annihilating self-sabotage.

💥 As your personal “trail guide”, spiritual mentor and intuitive energy healer, I’ve got your back every step of the way.

🌌 Together, we’ll tap into the wisdom of God and your Divine team for guidance, healing, and protection. Your destiny awaits!

⚡ This isn’t your ordinary journey. It’s a dynamic fusion of personalized mentorship, reiki energy healing, and intuitive insights. Tailored precisely to YOUR expansion and personal growth.

🚀 No stress, no pressure, no overwhelm. Just my unwavering support as I lead you out of the old, unfulfilling you and into the radiant, authentic self hidden beneath life’s debris.

Ready to transform? Let’s ignite your unstoppable journey today! 💪🌟

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Here’s What We’ll do Throughout our Ninety Days

1. Create an Empowered Mindset
2. Uncover Thrive Habits that Work for You
3. Deconstruct Fear & Anxiety
4. Deepen Intuition & Authenticity; Create Boundaries
5. Build Confidence & Self-Love
6. Learn to Navigate Emotional Challenges with Resilience
7. Heal Deeply and Handle Negativity
8. Perspective Shifts & Fearlessness
9. Integrate Mindset Practices and Energy Maintenance into Daily Life

Plus an Amazing Bonus Training: Access to “Journal to Joy”, an online self-paced journaling course.

What’s included in the program?

All sessions are conducted using Zoom
• A 90-day transformative mentorship program
• A mind, body, & spirit approach to create lasting momentum
• 3 private 1-hour coaching sessions per month (9 total over 90 days)
• Practices, notes and action steps from each of our coaching sessions
• Voluntary homework, journaling prompts, personalized meditations and prayers
• Access to Marlene between sessions using a messaging app or email for questions, feedback, and to share your wins, obstacles, or insights.

Plus worksheets and printables that I created and use myself to build a positive attitude & thriving life

Meet with Marlene to determine if this program is right for you

In ninety days…

You’ll be crystal clear on what thrive habits work for you to navigate your emotions.

You’ll have a deep understanding of how you want to feel and live, and how to tap into motivation daily.

You’ll understand the truth about your fear and anxiety and how to stop the downward-draining overthinking spiral.

You will go from feeling lost and stuck to feeling what purpose and aligned flow feels like.

You will love and appreciate yourself and see your past in a new light and with a compassionate perspective.

You’ll have an appreciation for your energy and know how to set healthy boundaries.

You will feel more faith and spiritual connection and know how and when to tap into your faith for support.

You will feel more profoundly supported and connected to God and the oneness of a loving energy much bigger than you.

You will feel more resilient, capable, and fearless in your pursuit of living as the most authentic and empowered version of who you truly are.

You will feel the confidence to strategically take actions to chase after your dreams and desires.

You will have a transformative shift in perspective on your struggles – your grief, anxiety, loneliness, or the end of a toxic relationship.

You will be taking consistent positive actions toward your goals in health, mobility, nutrition, finances, relationships, career, and all aspects of wherever your mind, body, and spirit need support.

You’ll be in love with how it feels to thrive instead of survive.

About Marlene

Hi there! I’m Marlene Caraballo – mindset coach and spiritual mentor.

I help women looking for soulful guidance to transform the way they feel – heal your blocks, fall deeply in love with yourself and live fearlessly – despite a painful past or current struggle.

I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned about mindset and learning to navigate fear,, anxiety, and low self worth like I have.

Mindset it crucial and is a daily habit we build together in this program. Spiritual mentorship is a vital piece of the mind, body, spirit wellness and integral to truly thriving. Processing the limiting beliefs and traumatic wounds you carry is where we start. Those unhealed parts of you can be what’s stopping you from the creativity, joy, love, fun, and goals you dream of.

You may have been trying to get healthier, lose weight, eat well, exercise, deepen your friendships, show up for children, and/or get through a divorce… and you find it so hard to feel motivated and optimistic enough to take care of yourself… this is where the right coach comes in. To be guide, to take your hand and show you the way.

In this program, I teach you how to care for your energy, how to have perspective and grace when it comes to your past and how to live with a more positive, optimistic attitude, and how to feel into the support of the God or whatever your faith is based on.

Without all of this knowledge and these practices that I share with you in this program, I don’t think I would have gone through, or be going through, the challenges in my life with such grace and peace and hope. And all the while, showing up for my family, and for myself through exercise, eating well, prayer and all things that help me feel GOOD, to overcome, to keep moving forward, and most importantly, to stick to my values.

I want you to feel that too – I want you to feel this heart-centered expansion too. I want you to know that it’s your turn to thrive.

Meet with Marlene on a free call to learn more

Your questions answered

That’s not a problem. When you come into the program, we create a session schedule for the three months and there is flexibility when we need there to be. 

Not to worry, this program is built around you. The healing sessions and mindset work don’t compete with your busy life, if anything, they enhance it and allow you to approach other responsibilities with greater ease and impact.

Nope. Not religious, but it is grounded in an openness toward having faith. Not necessarily faith in a particular denomination, but a foundational open-mindedness and willingness to consider unseen forces that are bigger than us. All you need to begin with is to show up and have an openness to consider what feels true and authentic for you. For me, God is a part of my faith, my practice, my source for strength and intuitive guidance. Although you don’t have to feel the same way and I won’t be pushing my beliefs on you, I won’t be the right coach for you if you find the word or concept of God offensive.

Sure, but to be honest, it’s likely to take you much longer than 90 days! I’m condensing and providing experiential knowledge, learning, techniques, and strategies that I’ve honed for my own transformation and that I’ve gleaned from years of personal growth work, including courses, training, countless books, and extensive practice. Boil all of that down to a clear, practical, and effective ninety-day program.

No problem! If you decide you’d like to continue on with what you’re building – yes! We can talk about extending our time together.