What Clients Say

Marlene’s support and coaching has helped me in away where I am able to feel and work with my own strength in a different perspective. This not only helps myself, but also the people around me. I find I am able to pause more before reacting, bringing grace forward to any troubling situations. I found Marlene to be very loving and kind, and ready to get to work meeting me exactly where I was at. She has a way of seeing the strengths we forget about or went unnoticed for some time. Thank you Marlene, I am forever grateful.

Karen K.

I have been extremely lucky to have worked with Marlene for more than five years now.  Marlene’s ability to listen and distill my thoughts, anxieties, attitude, etc and help me to better understand and channel those thoughts and emotions is absolutely stellar.  Marlene is incredibly insightful,  compassionate and most of all, REAL, in her approach to helping me deal with life’s ups and downs.  I highly encourage anyone looking for clarity, coping skills and a competent listener to contact Marlene and sign up for her services.  Life is good and with Marlene’s incredibly valuable insights and tactics I am enjoying more of it than I ever thought possible.

Wendy D.

Marlene is one of the most gifted healers and an extraordinary human being. Her entrance into my life was timely. I have had several sessions with Marlene and they are always so articulate, precise and nourishing. She ultimately helped me return to myself, creating a sense of calm.  So each time I have been off track she provides reminders and inclinations that everything is all right.  Nothing is out of her scope, everything is welcome, nothing is deemed to be strange, and she reminds of my purpose and how to access my gifts through movement and voice.  I have also found value in Marlene’s blog posts on www.cheers2chapter2, those are gold!  With gratitude!

Loren S.

Just 12 weeks with Marlene in her coaching program and it’s been a fantastic experience!  Through her coaching and guidance, I have learned to value myself as a person and to accept the responsibility of making my life an amazing one. I will continue to use all of my tools and expand upon them.

Mary C.

I really recommend Marlene! She is a wonderful practitioner. Her sessions always make me feel relaxed , balanced and filled with healing energy. Not to mention she is so personable and loving. She is a true healer and genuinely cares about her clients. Marlene’s guidance is healing and helpful . Each session resonates with me 100 percent every time.

Sandra C.

My coaching sessions with Marlene are always so enlightening. I feel so calm and supported afterwards. I even sleep better at night! She always “sees” me and helps me uncover blocks that I didn’t even know I had. I love the practices and habits she taught me because they help me to take better care of myself and to keep moving forward. I am excited to keep going with her coaching for another three months and see where that will take me!

Katie R.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first signed up for coaching. I just knew I had to make a change and I could feel Marlene’s genuine compassion – so I went all in and invested! It was the best investment I’ve made in myself in YEARS. I can’t say enough for how she really helped me see my life circumstances differently. I learned to focus my energy on the things I could control, instead of what I couldn’t. The program was a complete game-changer for me.

Marie K.

Every coaching session with Marlene felt like a warm hug. It was powerful and emotional in a way I didn’t expect. I woke up feeling lighter after our very first session. I’ve been able to stick to my health and financial goals like I’ve never been able to before. I feel so much optimistic and in charge of my life. Understanding why I felt like I kept failing on myself was so healing. So much guilt and shame off my shoulders. It’s like a whole new fresh start. Wish I had found her sooner.

Linda S.

Coaching with Marlene was life-changing. The practices and understanding I’ve gained have helped me stay committed to my diet and exercise goals. I am feeling less worried and more accepting of the days and weeks ahead. I feel more capable now to protect my energy, set healthy boundaries with my family, and cope with the occasional down days. I also sleep much better than I have for years. I even wake up feeling energized. So grateful and highly recommend her program.

Diane W.