Kind Words

Marlene is one of the most gifted healers and extraordinary human being. Her entrance into my life was timely. I have had several sessions with Marlene and they are always so articulate, precise and nourishing. She ultimately helped me return to myself, creating a sense of calm.  So each time I have been off track she provides reminders and inclinations that everything is all right.  Nothing is out of her scope, everything is welcome, nothing is deemed to be strange, and she reminds of my purpose and how to access my gifts through movement and voice.  I have also found value in Marlene’s blog posts on www.cheers2chapter2, those are gold!  With gratitude!

Loren S.

Just 12 weeks with Marlene in her coaching program and it’s been a fantastic experience!  Through her guidance, I have learned to value myself as a person and to accept the responsibility of making my life an amazing one. I will continue to use all of my tools and expand upon them.

Mary C.

I really recommend Marlene! She is a wonderful practitioner. Her sessions always make me feel relaxed , balanced and filled with healing energy. Not to mention she is so personable and loving. She is a true healer and genuinely cares about her clients. Marlene also sends an email after the session of intuitive impressions that she received during the healing and they are so detailed and helpful . Each message resonates with me 100 percent every time.

Sandra C.

My distance reiki session with Marlene was very relaxing. I felt so calm, almost falling asleep. I felt a light pressure at times during the session which allowed me to see what areas Marlene was working on. After the session, Marlene provided the messages that spirit had for me. It resonated with me and will help me going forward. I am excited to book another distance session!

Katie R.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a distance reiki session, but as soon as it began it was as if Marlene was in the room with me. As the session progressed, a feeling of peace started to come over me. I had been having issues with my knee and during the session, that knee started to tingle as if the energy was flowing to that particular spot. When the session concluded, I felt lighter, and my knee felt so much better. Even though the Reiki was performed from a distance, I could feel the energy emanating from Marlene.

Marie K.

My reiki session felt like a warm hug. It was powerful and emotional in a way I didn’t expect. I felt wonderfully relaxed afterwards. I slept so well after the session and I woke up feeling lighter.

Linda S.

I know this sounds crazy, but I felt like the outline of my body was humming with a low, warm hum! I am feeling less worried and more accepting of the days and weeks ahead. I also slept much better than I had for several nights and woke up feeling warm and energized.

Diane W.